Elsevier: Goodman & Snyder: Differential Diagnosis for Physical Therapists Screening for Referral, 5th Edition - Appendix B Special Questions To Ask

Appendix B Special Questions To Ask

  1. Appendix B-1Alcohol Abuse: AUDIT Questionnaire
  2. Appendix B-2Alcohol Abuse: CAGE Questionnaire
  3. Appendix B-3Assault, Intimate Partner Abuse, or Domestic Violence
  4. Appendix B-4Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  5. Appendix B-5Bladder Function
  6. Appendix B-6Bowel Function
  7. Appendix B-7Breast
  8. Appendix B-8Chest/Thorax
  9. Appendix B-9Depression/Anxiety (see also Appendix B-10)
  10. Appendix B-10Depression in Older Adults
  11. Appendix B-11Dizziness
  12. Appendix B-12Dyspnea (Shortness of breath [SOB]; dyspnea on exertion [DOE])
  13. Appendix B-13AEating Disorders
  14. Appendix B-13BResources for Screening for Eating Disorders
  15. Appendix B-14Environmental and Work History
  16. Appendix B-15Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)
  17. Appendix B-16Gastrointestinal (GI) Problems
  18. Appendix B-17Headaches
  19. Appendix B-18Joint Pain
  20. Appendix B-19Kidney and Urinary Tract Impairment
  21. Appendix B-20Liver (Hepatic) Impairment
  22. Appendix B-21Lumps (soft tissue) or Skin Lesions
  23. Appendix B-22Lymph Nodes
  24. Appendix B-23Medications
  25. Appendix B-24Men Experiencing Back, Hip, Pelvic, Groin, or Sacroiliac Pain
  26. Appendix B-25Night Pain
  27. Appendix B-26Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatories (NSAIDs) (side effects of)
  28. Appendix B-27Odors (Unusual)
  29. Appendix B-28Pain
  30. Appendix B-29Palpitations (Chest or heart)
  31. Appendix B-30Prostate Problems
  32. Appendix B-31Psychogenic Source of Symptoms
  33. Appendix B-32ATaking a Sexual History
  34. Appendix B-32BTaking a Sexual History
  35. Appendix B-33Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  36. Appendix B-34Shoulder and Upper Extremity
  37. Appendix B-35Sleep Patterns
  38. Appendix B-36Substance Use/Abuse
  39. Appendix B-37Women Experiencing Back, Hip, Pelvic, Groin, Sacroiliac (SI), or Sacral Pain